Friday, January 13, 2012

Keeping a Dog File

It is something we really do not think about, what to do if something happens to us. Where would our dog go? Are there family members to help out, friends? Confronting our own death is not something many americans want to do, but it is something that all dog owners must think about.

As an epileptic, I have spoken to my family as to who I want to take care of my dog in case anything happens and if they are not able to take care of him, to interview people extensively so that he will go to a good home. Most likely than not, nothing will happen, but the chances that something will come up due to a prior existing disease is something to take seriously.

I recommend keeping a file on your dog and list your veterinarian, vaccinations, the type of food he or she eats, medications and whether or not your dog is microchipped. You may also want to jot down a few things about what your dog likes and dislikes as this will be very helpful in the event your are unable to take care of your pet. There is no one except for yourself who knows your pet better and this is vital information to share in his file.

After you have your dog's file ready, you may want to write down this information for your friends and family who have dogs. It doesn't take long at all and is such important information to share. Dogs bring such joy and companionship to us. I hope this information has helped you in looking out for your dog when you are unable to speak for him yourself.

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