Monday, January 30, 2012

Have We Lost Our Republic?

Early Voting, Spain Receives Our Vote Tallies

As someone who follows politics, I've noticed that people are turning away and I do not blame them. Why were there 19 debates? Why did people in the news determine the questions? I ask this because I have noticed that the issues are not discussed, but character assasination among several of the Republican candidates. We have many issues which need to be dealt with and the animosity among the candidates is a distraction from what we should be talking about. I believe the media does this so that they get high ratings, at the same time, our country is going to you know what.

I was made aware of early voting in some of the primary states as well as the fact that Spain is now holding the ballots which we Americans cast. What is going on? Why is this information not being reported and why is there no outrage? Perhaps I just answered my own question. If the people were aware that our votes were being obtained by those outside of the United States, there very well just might be some kind of revolt which would compromise those in the media, and our politicians in power. No one wants to upset the apple cart. I am not clear why there is early voting. I believe it is not proper. If you are lazy enough to vote months in advance, then perhaps you shouldn't vote. It sounds harsh, but this is the future of our country. I always wonder what happens when we learn more about candidates and these people already voted, perhaps for someone else. Either we all vote on the same day or our voting system has been compromised, which I believe it already has.

To add fuel to the fire, it is all about money. It has become clear that if you do not have money, it is very unlikely you can run for politics. Whoever has the most money, usually wins. I have noticed this with Mitt Romney who cannot articulate his own views because they are all over the place, but he has been using much negative campaign ads outspending others, 14 million in Florida. This is not a fair process for the American people because we are not getting the best of candidates in both parties. What can be done?

Our election laws should be overturned. The ability to use any amount of money and wherever is extremely disappointing. This means that Saudi Arabia, and other outside influences can give money to our candidates and how will we ever know? This needs to end now, as does the ability of voters to vote months before our election. I know this will draw criticism from others, but I strongly believe there should be one day only to vote. This includes illegals who should not be voting. Until we regaiin our election results to be held the same day as well as receiving the tally of these votes in the United States only, only then will we be on our way to making progress.

I would love to get your views on how you think we can better improve our voting system.

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