Sunday, January 22, 2012

City of Cotati- What Makes a Good Dog Park?

It's a beautiful day and you want to take your dog to the local dog park. Before you take your dog, consider what makes a good dog park. This blog is a complement to my earlier posting in regards to what to look for in dog parks which you can find It is crucial you understand that if the dog park does not have any of the features which I will discuss in a moment, pass.

One of the main things to look for are doggie bags and any other type of materials to remove pet waste. There are many diseases which can be passed through dog feces and affect not only dogs, but humans as well. It also shows that you are taking responsiblity for your pet and respect the area which you are at by cleaning up. You are setting a good example for others.

Another MUST HAVE is a bowl of cold water. It is important that when dogs play and exercise that they have the necessary water. It has been known to happen that if a dog does not receive water and it is a hot day, it is highly likely that your dog could have heatstroke. If the park does not have any shade, limit your time there. You do not want your dog to over exert himself where he could develop something fatal as heatstroke. If the park has shade, you are in luck.

When you enter the dog park, check to see how much space there is and how many dogs are already there. Also be aware of other dog owners bringing their dogs to an already crowded park. Be alert that the park does not become to crowded so that fights can break out, where dogs can harrass other dogs or be bullied. If you see any signs of overcrowdedness, leave. It is always in your dogs best interest to be safe.

How many entrances do the dog park have? If it is a small park, there may be only one entrance which is fine. Again, go back to the previous rule and check for overcrowdedness. If you enter a larger park, there should be more than one gate where you can come and go. It is also very convenient in case a dog fight breaks out.

Make sure that there are no cracks where your dog can dig or get through. I may have mentioned my beagle before. He is a very industrious little guy, especially in his earlier years. This one is pretty self explanatory.  Be aware the environment is safe for your dog.

If you have a small dog and bring him to a small park, check to make sure that there are not too many large dogs which come over. It is quite interesting. My dog actually feels intimidated by bigger dogs. One dog is fine, but more than one in a small environment can be worrisome, depending on your dog's disposition.

If you follow the above "rules", you will find your experience is more pleasant. Your dog may not be able to thank you, but I would like to think he or she would. It is so important to maintain a positive environment for your dog. I hope this has helped and I encourage anyone who has any other ideas to let me know. Happy Dog Park Hunting.

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