Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rohnert Park Dismisses Leash Law

It was a beautiful day today as I took my beagle for a walk at the office park down the street from Sonoma State University and Starbucks. We were enjoying the sun and quiet time shared when I saw twp women with three dogs, one large black dog and two smaller brown dogs off leash. This was the second time I saw these dogs unleashed. Not only is there a leash law in Rohnert Park, but my dog is seventeen years old, deaf, losing his eyesight and much slower. Therefore, my beagle is at a disadvantage and I was clearly upset that this happened again. The first time it happened, I left the park. I told the woman that there was a leash law in Rohnert Park and that the dogs should be placed on a leash. She was defiant and told me to call the police thinking I would not do so.

Why is it that this woman was arguing with me when she knew that she was in the wrong? There were no apologies and although she held a leash, she never put her dogs on it. Perhaps she thought I was joking when I told her I had the police departments number of my cell phone. She and her friend continued on their merry way. I called the Cotati Police Department who transferred me to the Rohnert Park police. I made a report and was told that they would be arriving soon. Ten minutes later I received another phone call from the Rohnert Park police telling me that they were backlogged and didn't have enough people on duty to come out. Would I like to wait? I told them what she already told me which was that by the time someone came, they would be gone, therefore it was worthless for anyone to come out.

I was very irritated and am still annoyed. I don't know if I believe their reasoning that they were very busy. It was in the middle of the day. I wonder if I was attacked or my dog if it would have been different or if they still would not have the time to show up. I live in Cotati but I am pretty sure there is a leash law in Rohnert Park. What was the real reason they did not enforce the code? Should other people be concerned? If the Rohnert Park police will not enforce the codes in their own city, why do we have dog leash signs? Should we have them removed? Many people are not cleaning up after their pet but the other offense is that they are not even keeping their dog(s) on a leash. What good is a code if the police will not enforce it?

Have their been others in a similar situation and what was the result? Both Cotati and Rohnert Park are in dire need of money and I believe one of the ways to receive more would be to enforce the codes and charge for any violations. I believe the violation in Cotati is over $250. I would like to know why the cities do not enforce these codes. Again, if it is too time consuming, then the signs should be removed. It is obvious that both Cotati and Rohnert Park police departments are in bad shape. I was told there is only one officer on duty per hour. When my car was vandalized I did everything I could to get a drive by in my condo, but it never came although I was told by both a lieutenant and a regular police officer that they would stop by.

I have discussed this issue with my friends and they have experienced similar situations. Many of them including myself feel that even if we say anything, the behavior continues to go on because their is no enforcement. It is also quite disturbing to see the combative behavior they display when they know they are going against codes in their city. What do the people do when there is no one to help? We are literally on our own and many of us are beyond upset.

My personal opinion on this matter is that each city should have a police department that employs enough people to keep their citizens safe. We need more than one person at the police station. Any programs or things that we do not need should be cut back or removed. Get our budgets in order. Without the police, their is chaos and citizens are being let down. All of us should demand better.

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