Friday, February 10, 2012

Pet Safety Pack-Free

Receive your FREE pet safety pack from ASPCA. Are you prepared in case an emergency, not only for yourself but your loved dogs and cats? Enter your name and address at the link below and you will receive a window decal, animal poison control magnet and free 800 numbers to guide you in case of an unexpected emergency. Go to

Here are a few quick tips of what you will need to do to prepare in case such an emergency happens:

  1. Put a window decal on your window(s)
  2. Plan in advance and choose a location where your pet(s) will be safe. Contact your local animal shelters, veterinarian and kennels.Speak with family to see if they could offer a temporary safe place as well.
  3. Buy a pet first aid kit
  4. Purchase a first aid kit for humans
  5. Keep animal supplies such as dog leashes, blankets, food, litter and toys near you boxed up in a safe place in case of emergency
  6. Always keep water available for use

Visit the ASPCA website for a more complete list of items to keep on hand at: . Your animals will thank you for your preparedness.

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